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Diamond Ridge Pawn

Diamond Ridge Pawn

Diamond Ridge Pawn is Citrus County’s Premier Pawn Shop.

If you are looking to sell your fine gold, silver, jewelry, firearms, or other items of value, you have come to the right place.

Diamond Ridge Pawn is a family-owned and operated pawn shop conveniently located on the Nature Coast in Citrus County, Florida.  We specialize in gold, silver, platinum, diamond and gemstone jewelry, watches, coins, guns (firearms), video games and game consoles, electronics, tools, sporting goods, musical instruments, antiques and collectibles, heavy equipment, and vehicles including cars, trucks and boats.  Whether you are looking for a loan (pawn), or wish to buy or sell your valuables, Diamond Ridge Pawn is the place to go.  Other companies may offer similar services, but we offer professional service with a personal touch.

The pawnbrokers at Diamond Ridge Pawn are well known for their honesty, integrity and offering fair trade value. Diamond Ridge Pawn is also a safe place to do business.  We are secure, bonded, licensed and regulated.  We use certified scales for buying gold and other precious metals, and government authorized contracts for all secure loans.  Florida pawn shops are governed by all major federal laws that apply to other lending institutions, as well as the laws and regulations of state and local agencies.

FAST CASH LOANS / BORROWING (PAWN) from Diamond Ridge Pawn – Need Money?  Let us put cash in your pocket. Diamond Ridge Pawn provides convenient solutions to our customers’ need for short-term cash. We offer confidential collateralized loans (fast cash loans) on almost anything of value.  When you bring an item to Diamond Ridge Pawn, it will be evaluated by a professional pawnbroker. You may then decide to take a pawn loan out against your item of value.   When you pawn something, the item you pawn becomes collateral against the loan, and you receive cash against that collateral.  Your item will be kept secure, and once the loan is repaid, you will receive your property back in the same condition it was when you brought it in. You also have the option of keeping the cash and not redeeming the pawned item. If you decide not to redeem the item(s) you pawned, there are no additional fees and you will not be reported to a credit bureau. You will always be welcome to come back for another pawn loan.

SELLING to Diamond Ridge Pawn – Want fast cash?  Let us put cash in your pocket. Bring one or more of your valuables to Diamond Ridge Pawn for an evaluation.  When you are satisfied with the pawnbroker’s offer, you may choose to sell the item or items outright.  We buy a variety of items including, but not limited to, gold, silver, diamond and gemstone jewelry, coins, guns (firearms), video games and consoles, electronics, tools, sporting goods, musical instruments, heavy equipment, and vehicles including boats and cars.

BUYING from Diamond Ridge Pawn – SAVE MONEY! Looking to buy?  Let us put cash in your pocket.  A pawn shop is an excellent place to buy items below their retail value.  Diamond Ridge Pawn will save you money. They offer a wide assortment of merchandise for sale at discounted prices.  You never know what you will find at Diamond Ridge Pawn.  We sell a variety of merchandise including jewelry, gold, silver, coins, flatware, guns, video games and consoles, sporting goods, electronics, musical instruments, antiques and collectibles, tools, heavy equipment, vehicles, and more.

Whether you are looking to pawn, sell, or buy items of value, come to Diamond Ridge Pawn in Citrus County, Florida.  Let us put cash in your pocket. We are conveniently located on Gulf to Lake Highway (Highway 44) in Crystal River, Florida at the intersection of Highway 44 & CR 486 – just West of Publix.